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Pre-Shoot Prep List


  • Keep lights off, but make sure all bulbs work
  • Turn off ceiling fans
  • Open blinds and curtains
  • Remove pet beds, crates, water bowls
  • Remove/hide trash bins
  • Hide anything that is unwanted from the delivered photos (if it is left in the room/space, it might be in the photo)
  • Basic house cleaning prior to the shoot is highly recommended


  • Remove dirty towels
  • Clean glass mirrors and doors
  • Remove dirty laundry bins
  • Clear countertop clutter i.e. toothbrushes, hygiene products, hair dryers, moisturizers, etc.
  • Place matching neutral matching bath towels or none at all
  • Toilet seats should be down
  • Replace toilet paper


  • Move cars from driveway to front of house to reserve space for a clear front shot
  • Remove security signs
  • Hide all trash bins
  • Close garage doors
  • Remove lawn clutter i.e. hoses, tools, toys, etc.
  • Basic lawn/yard maintenance i.e. mow grass, trim hedges, prune dead leaves, leaf blow yard


  • Make beds
  • Fluff pillows
  • Remove clutter from desks i.e. papers, folders, wires, chargers, etc.
  • Remove items from underneath bed

Living Room

  • Arrange pillows and blankets
  • Fluff couches i.e. “sat-on imprints”
  • Remove clutter from table tops
  • Turn off all TVs
  • Hide remote controls and wires
  • Hide personal pictures


  • Remove countertop clutter i.e. dishes, mugs, unsightly appliances, paper towel dispensers, etc.
  • Remove refrigerator stickers, papers, magnets, photos
  • Keep the sink empty